How To Make A Fishtail Braid

Spit fishtail today is among the most popular types of braids.

Who Looks Good With Spit Fishtail

A spit on straight, long hair without layers is ideally obtained. But this does not mean that it will look bad on other hair. Curly and curly hair, you can straighten or make a free braid with air strands. For weaving coming up and thick, and thin, and sparse, and thick hair. Highlighting helps to emphasize the beauty of hair, strands are more visible and highlighted. There is only one restriction: short hair, with them you do not have to braid a fishtail.

Why Spit Fishtail Is Very Attractive

This braid is so attractive because it fits snugly to the head, thanks to which you look elegant and fashionable. It is suitable: to create an informal, stylish look in combination with a T-shirt and jeans or for a formal event in combination with a beautiful dress. Make a fishtail braid is very easy, you do not need to spend a lot of time on its creation. Perfectly retains its appearance throughout the day, so you can make it in the morning before leaving. Until the evening, it will not lose its appeal. It is also referred to as soft braids that do not damage hair. (As everyone knows, tight braids can break the hairs).

How To Weave A Fishtail Braid

Spit fishtail is also known under the name “herringbone” or herringbone spit, and at first, glance looks complicated and time-consuming. But the secret is that it is very easy to weave, especially if you have long hair. Here’s how to do it:

Method One: Plain Fishtail

What you need:

  • hairbrush;
  • barrette, elastic band, ribbon;
  • mirror.

Use these steps to make a fishtail:

  1. Comb the hair with a comb, so that there are no knots.
  2. Divide the hair into two large parts, parting right in the middle. To create the perfect braid, you can use a comb to separate your hair evenly. If you like disheveled hair, just separate the hair with your hands.
  3. Separate the thin strand of hair from the outside of the left section. Put it on top of the left side, and then under the right section. In other words, a strand of hair passed over the left side and under the right side.
  4. Strive to use strands of the same thickness. For more complex braids, strands should be thin. You have to spend more time on this, but the result is worth it.
  5. Repeat step 3, on the other hand. Place a thin strand on top of the right side, and then under the left section.
  6. Continue to alternate sides until you reach the bottom of the braid.
  7. In the end, fasten the hair. The use of ribbons, pins, gum will give the spit grace and personality.
  8. At the end of the braid can be covered with hair shine

If you feel that the fishtail braid is too tight, gently massage your fingers with your fingers, gradually massage them to loosen them.

If your hair is very long, at this stage you can, for example, collect hair in a bun, fasten around your head or make a wreath, etc. If your hair is not very long, fasten it as far as your braids allow.

Method Two: French Fishtail Braid

  1. Take a strand of hair on the top of the head, and divide it into two halves. We begin to weave like a regular fishtail braid, the part should be in the center of the head. Hold one half in each hand.
  2. Lift the strand on the left side. For uniformity begin to weave with the hairline, after working with the hair on the sides.
  3. Stretch the strand over the left side and under the right section. Grab your right hand.
  4. Lift the strand on the right side. Place the left strand, as the first, above the right section and under the left section. Grab with your left hand so that it connects with the hair of the left section.
  5. Continue to stretch the strands until you reach the end, so you get a real French fishtail tail.
  6. For the rest of the usually braided fishtail.


  1. To create a hairstyle always keep at hand a fine comb and accessories.
  2. Practice is the key to success. The more you train, the better you get.
  3. Try to practice on your hair in your free time, if you plan on doing yourself a hairstyle.
  4. First, practice a little hair.
  5. It is easier to braid such a scythe to another person.
  6. Do not use office gum, they can damage the hair.
  7. If you braid your hair when it is still wet, then after drying you get voluminous curls.
  8. The easiest way to braid long thin hair.
  9. To create a fishtail braid you can use hairpins and varnish.
  10. If you insert a spiral with flowers into a pigtail, it will look more elegant.
  11. You can make a flower from a pigtail fishtail by twisting hair in a spiral. Perfect for a party or wedding.
  12. To hide the gum, leave a small section of hair and wrap around the gum.
  13. It is very difficult to braid the braid on the hair, which is shoulder-length or shorter.
  14. If your hair is cut in layers, then take the bottom layer to create a braid.
  15. Scrunchy can pull hairs. Use 2-3 rubber bands together.
  16. Begin to weave, bending your arms behind your head, then move the braid to its side and continue braiding.
  17. Start practicing on someone else’s hair.
  18. Use the studs to fix the braid to one side.
  19. For shorter hair, you could make a side braid. This is a mini version of the same style!
  20. If you have long hair, try to make two braids and leave them this way or fluff.
  21. In order to facilitate weaving curly hair, straighten them.
  22. If you have curly hair, moisten them with water.
  23. Try to make a French fishtail, but the top part is best braided reverse french oblique.
  24. Watch the video several times, then you can proceed.
  25. If you have long hair, try to collect a fishtail braid in the bun.
  26. There should always be good lighting and a few mirrors so that the front and back of the head can be clearly seen.
  27. If your hair is short, always make a French braid fishtail, then the braid will appear longer.
  28. It looks cute when you use thin strands of hair.
  29. It looks less formal if you make a braid on one side of the head and not very neatly.

Fishtail Spit Weaving Options

There are many options for weaving, everything will depend on your imagination. Here are some of the main ones.

Smooth And Shiny

This braid looks great on long hair without layers. Suitable for official meetings and for every day. Hair will not constantly flattering the face and eyes. To create such a braid, you need to apply shine on your hair during combing. (There are many hair shine: Schwarzkopf Professional Osis, Gloss Serum – spray gloss from Wella Professionals, TIGI Hair shine – Bed Head Head Shine Spray, Londa Hair spray. Besides chemical you can use natural hair shine products. ) If your hair is wavy, you must straighten it (with an iron, wet it with water) so that there are no waves on the pigtail. Gather the hair in a ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Braid a fishtail braid according to the instructions described above and secure with a rubber band. Fix hairspray.

Soft And Romantic

A soft and romantic fishtail braid is perfect for a wedding or party. This loose and flirty option can be made on hair with and without layers. If you have straight hair they will have to twist to add waves. To create such a soft braid, you need to pull strands of hair to the side while weaving. Very well look with this hairstyle bleached hair.

Spit Fishtail On Its Side

Try to put the braid in the side allowing it to lie free on the shoulder. This is a fun and relaxed style that is suitable for any occasion. Choose a beaded elastic to decorate and secure at the bottom of the braid.

Spit fishtail on the right or left side of the head is very fashionable and even more original when it is free (with stretched strands). To create such a braid, collect all the hair in a low tail and pull it to the right side of the neck. And accordingly, if you want to weave a braid on the left side, then the tail is pulled to the left side.