Hair Growth Patterns

Long Hair

Hair growth patterns are a very common thing these days.

Hair growth patterns is where you get  a section of your hair or individual hairs may grow in a particular direction. It is always best to have hair growth patterns identified, this is because they determine the look that you want to create and the best technique that should be used.

You will find that some people will have very strong hair growth patterns, If you have a very strong hair growth patten it will need careful attention to produce the best effect or to prevent the hair from sticking straight up where you do not want it to.

Now here are some of the unusual hair growth patterns you may come across and ways to have your haircut to keep them under control.

  • Widows Peak
    You will find a widows peak at the front hairline. The hair will grow upward and forward forming a strong peak.
    When you have a widows peak it is better to have your hair cut into a style that you can dress away from your face, because if you had a fringe you would most likely find that it will separate and stick straight up.
    You may find a short cropped style or a style with a parting may be suitable as well, and if you really want a fringe it is possible if you keep the layers long.
  • Nape Whorl
    You will find a nape whorl at either side of your nape, and sometimes you can find them both side.A nape whorl can make it difficult to cut if you like to have a straight neckline. When you have a nape whorl you will often find the hair will naturally form a v-shape.When having your haircut you will find having your neckline tapered more suitable, but sometimes it is best to leave the hair longer so that it weights the hair to overcome the nape whorl movement.
  • Double Crown
    You will find having a double crown a very common thing. When having a double crown it is usually best to leave the hair longer as if you have it cut to short you will find the hair will stick up and you will never get it to lie flat.
  • Cowlick
    You will find a cowlick on the hairline at the front of your head. A cowlick makes it very difficult to have a straight fringe, especially on fine hair as you will find the hair often forms a natural parting.If you have a cowlick and really want a fringe it can be achieved if you leave the layers longer this will weight the hair down.