Hair Straightening Cream


The popularity of a hair straightening cream in professional salons and in the homes of beauty enthusiasts is understandable. Beautiful hair is our crowning glory, after all, so it makes sense to spend time, effort and money toward achieving and then maintaining silky, smooth and soft hair for you to enjoy and for others to admire.

Right Choice of Hair Straightening Cream

But not every hair straightening cream is created equal to the task. Keep in mind that your hair is as unique as the rest of your body so whatever hair straightening cream works for others may not work as desired on your tresses. Your choice of the right hair straightening cream then takes on a whole new different meaning.

So, how can you choose the right hair straightening cream from among the hundreds of possible selections? We suggest looking at the following factors:

  • Hair Type – Your hair usually falls into one category of hair types including naturally straight, wavy and curly. Within each type are numerous sub-types.Wavy hair forms S-shaped curls throughout the head and it can range from fine, thin and easy to handle to thick, coarse and resistant to hairstyling. Curly hair has a definite loopy S-shaped curls with a springy body. Curly kinky hair has tight curls that form corkscrews while kinky hair is very tightly curled.Each type requires a specific hair straightening cream. Look at the labels on the products to determine the vest type of hair on which the chemicals and tools can be used to achieve the best results.
  • Hair Condition – You should also look into the physical health of your hair. If you have fragile hair, the hair straightening cream with strong chemicals are definitely not for you. Better yet, you should avoid using hair straightening cream if your tresses have signs of sun damage and hair loss as well as have been previously treated with other chemicals. Do your hair a favor and let it rest, so to speak.If you are getting the hair straightening cream from a salon, you should discuss the treatment with your hairstylist. You should be honest about your hair history while the salon professional is assessing its physical condition.

Now, when you are using the hair straightening cream in the comfort of your own home, you should adopt a cautious attitude. You want to avoid accidents where your hair and scalp ends up irreversibly damaged – truly, a hair-curling experience in itself.

We suggest the following tips in the right use of the hair straightening cream:

  • Use a ceramic-plated straightening iron with the heat control settings. This is because each type of hair requires a different heat setting to maximize the results while also minimizing the possible damage.
  • Use the iron on dry hair only. Wet or damp hair subjected to heat can easily break and, thus, develop problems like burned strands, frizzy ends and tangled tresses.
  • Use the hair straightening cream as directed by the manufacturer. Too much or too little of the formulation will not lead to the desired results, that’s for sure.

In the end, the right choice and use of hair straightening cream rests with you so be sure to apply common sense to the process.