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Manic Panic Collection

Emerging one evening from the shadowy depths in New York City’s East Village, a vampish brainstorm was given first breath by Tish+ Snooky (Manic Panic’s founding rock and roll sisters) and the gurus of glam at InStyle Studio Corporation.

In collaboration with the cosmetics virtuosos, the Creature of the Night cosmetics line was born.

A collection of edgy and bold rock-goth palettes with the most distinct and seductive unconventional looks in mind; each can be tailored to one’s level of personal expression.

Kits feature one-of-a-kind instructions direct from Tish & Snooky, showcasing a progression of hot looks ranging innocently from PG-13 to Rated X. Palettes include dramatic and seductive eye statements, deathly luscious lip lacquers, and complete looks for the ultimate decadent outing.

While looking naughty and deviant is an absolute must, it is second only to remaining devout to their animal friends.

All products are 100 percent cruelty-free, meticulously crafted of high quality vegan formulations that apply flawlessly, have staying power, feel light and airy on the skin; all with shades that perfectly complement Manic Panic‘s most popular hair colors.

About Manic Panic

Tish & Snooky’s MANIC PANIC NYC was born on 7/7/77. While singers in the original Blondie lineup, the sisters gathered their clothing designs and opened America’s very first punk-style boutique on NYC’s infamous St. Mark’s Place.

The original MANIC PANIC boutique became an icon of “first generation punk”, igniting the late 70’s PUNK scene, infusing color into the 80’s with hair dyes in every color of the rainbow with matching wild colors for lips, nails, and eyes, and adopted by high fashion, celebrities and sought after by the press.

In between running the MANIC PANIC empire and traveling the globe, the sisters still manage to find time to perform. They continue to rock out reuniting for special occasions and various animal charity events.